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    The sackboy returns… 

    He returns!

    In October 2008 Evans revealed that Media Molecule is making LBP2.
    And today(March 23 2010), Sony’s representative has announced that LBP2 will be PSM compatible.

    Now, I’m all for LBP2 being PSM compatible, but exactly how will this work?
    Try imagining yourself moving the little sack, sure the PSM has the other controller(Wiimote nunchuk copy), but why not just use a regular PS3 controller? What’s the point in using the PSM? I could understand some parts in LBP being better with the PSM, but not at all needed.

    It’s basically spending more money for nothing.

    That is why I want everyone’s opinion on this. Please comment and rate. Thanks!

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    Sonic The Hedgehog, how you’ve fallen.. 

    How you've fallen, from awesome, to well, not awesome..

    Sonic The Hedgehog, the most lovable Sega character since 1991. He’s gone from challenging 8-bit side-scrollers, to 3D RPG trash that I could beat with my toes. From the original Sonic games, to Sonic and the Black Knight. I think the last Sonic game I remember that wasn’t just nice graphics put together with horrible gameplay was Sonic Adventure 1 & 2. Basically, during this review, I’m going to review 3 Sonic games

    Yeah, this is that kind of review.

    First up, Sonic Heroes.

    Sonic Heroes

    While this game is pretty decent in cinematic visuals, the gameplay visuals could’ve been a little better.
    Otherwise, there isn’t much to say here.

    This game is decent. I personally would’ve liked to play with out having 2 other characters in my way. Even though this game kept some originality to Sonic games, for some reason, it just doesn’t feel right. Personally, I think Sonic could’ve been a little faster.

    I’ll give this game some credit for its soundtrack. I thought that this game had some pretty good songs. They had a nice Sonic feel to them. However, the voices for characters such as Amy were extremely annoying.

    The story for this game wasn’t exactly what I would call, “good”, considering it was mostly just all the teams chasing after Robotnik (yes, Robotnik. NOT Eggman.) , which wasn’t exactly “exciting”.


    This game could’ve been a lot better. I was expecting much more at the time, but ended up being disappointed.

    This game gets a 7.3 / 10.
    (More …)

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    Game Review: Animal Crossing: City Folk 

    Game Name: Animal Crossing: City Folk
    Developer: Nintendo EAD
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Platform: Wii
    Release dates:

    USA November 16, 2008
    CAN November 17, 2008
    JP November 20, 2008
    AUS December 4, 2008
    EU December 5, 2008
    SK January 28, 2010

    Genre: Life simulation

    ESRB: Everyone (E)
    CERO: A
    PEGI: 3+
    OFLC: G

    Animal Crossing: City Folk

    While this game is fun and addicting, this game also can get extremely irritating, especially during the beginning of the game, we’re you pretty much have to run from Tom Nooks, to your house, to some random animal’s house. However, even though this game may seem extremely boring and annoying, for some unknown reason, you’ll play forever. YES. FOREVER.

    Alright, so on to the review.

    This game has a very unique style for gameplay. It can be as annoying Tetris, and yet you’ll still want to play it for several hours. During the game you’ll perform multiple tasks for different people in your town. Such as delivering various items like Letters, furniture, and tools.

    You will need to gain money, or “bells” to pay off your mortgage to Tom Nook, and for other things such as furniture and tools.

    Well, this game isn’t really much in visuals, considering it looks the DS one, Wild World, With some new animations.

    This game is pretty good for audio, with the Cicada’s exact sound, the theme songs are amazing, and the K.K. Slider songs sound as if its a real song. With random 2 year old mumbling. 🙂

    This game doesn’t exactly have a story, since its a simulation game. But I guess I can try, or at least attempt to give you the gist of the story.

    Your a new person moving into a new town, meeting new people, and doing new things. There is no goal, except to try and pay off your mortgage. I guess another goal is to try and get every item, catch every bug and fish, and to meet every person.

    When I got this game for my gamecube, DS, and Wii, I thought to myself, will this one be as good as the last? The answer, yes.

    I was extremely satisfied with this game, sure it took a couple hours out of my life, but was defiantly worth it. I never found any flaws that would effect gameplay, even though this game wasn’t exactly made for hardcore gamers, it still is amazing. As a gamer myself, I usually hate games that are boring, or don’t let you do exactly what you want(invisible walls, a gamer’s worst enemy), I still enjoyed this game very much.

    I would defiantly recommend buying this game.
    This game scores a 9.5/10(stupid Mr. Resetti..)

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    Guest Review: What Wii Need – Kirby!; by Drerox 

    Nintendo has created a monster. A little, white monster.

    With the Wii topping console sales charts around the world (with no apparent signs of slowing down) that statement could be taken quite literally. With the aid of the DS, Nintendo has seemingly all but captured the elusive “non-gamer” market and once again become the premier household name in video gaming. However, it’s been said that Nintendo may have let their mainstay, “hardcore” crowd out in the cold just a little, thus far in the generation.

    Welcome to What Wii Need: A series of articles devoted to voicing the wants of the real Nintendrones for the Big N’s latest console.

    Today, we get into the big K. Of course I’m talking about everyone’s favorite Star-surfing little cream-puff.

    Kirby started his admirably simplistic life out on the Gameboy back in 1992. A five-level game which composed of the round little hero inhaling enemies and fighting the evil blue mallet-wielding penguin Dedede to save his outer-space home. The game’s creator (Masahiro Sakurai of Smash Brothers fame) intended the title to be played by video game beginners. Little did he know Kirby would find his way into the hearts of Nintendo’s core fans.

    Kirby’s Adventure was released onto the NES in 1993, as one of it’s last titles, pushing the console to it’s limits in sound and graphics. Than in 1995, Kirby’s SNES outing gave him a new ability – one which has become a staple for the series ever since: the power to mimic the abilities of the inhaled enemy.

    The rest as they say is history. Kirby has spawned a franchise of twenty games and his own cartoon and is still very much alive in the hearts of Nintendo’s core scene. With Nintendo’s Wii running the show, thus far, isn’t it time we got some pink in our lives?

    The Nintendo DS Kirby games have seen a fairly decent amount of success so far, and I have to admit, I love playing through the little guy’s misadventures myself, one after another till I’ve hit my Max Kawaii Level – for that day at least.

    But it’s been many, long years since we’ve seen the main Kirby series return to the console-side. I think it’s time for him to come on back.

    However, I’m not interested in some newfangled 2.5d Kirby game. In my perfect world, Kirby would stick to his roots in a Universe filled with beautiful hand-drawn sprites and long, fun levels with lots of enemies to gobble up and mimic.

    And when you think about it, the Wii is the perfect home for our chubby little protagonist. A console practically dedicated to attracting casuals who may have not had the chance to fall in love with such a cute, simple hero and cute, simple gameplay. And honestly, what more would you need from the Wii Remote than to turn it on it’s side and use it like an NES controller?

    Do you think Kirby should get a chance for the spotlight on the Wii? Have any ideas for Kirby Wii game?

    ;By Drerox

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    Site Update: New Banner 

    Hey everyone. Like the new banner? Pretty nice eh? All thanks go to Drerox. Dre, thank you very much for the post, the banner, and my new siggy. 🙂

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    Guest Review: What Wii Need – Star Fox; by Drerox 

    Nintendo has created a monster. A little, white monster.

    With the Wii topping console sales charts around the world (with no apparent signs of slowing down) that statement could be taken quite literally. With the aid of the DS, Nintendo has seemingly all but captured the elusive “non-gamer” market and once again become the premier household name in video gaming. However, it’s been said that Nintendo may have let their mainstay, “hardcore” crowd out in the cold just a little, thus far in the generation.

    Welcome to What Wii Need: A series of articles devoted to voicing the wants of the real Nintendrones for the Big N’s latest console.

    Today, we’re highlighting Star Fox. Read on if forest creatures with firepower interest you at all.

    Remember the good ol’ days? A couple clunky, Grey controllers, a dusty cartridge and blasting the crap out of huge floating, silver, polygonal faces? Enter a sleepover with Star Fox 64 at my (early) childhood friend’s house.

    We all probably have our own special N64 moments but that definitely takes a top spot out of mine. I owned an SNES but the N64 was the console that formally introduced me to the galactic adventures of the canid hero and his ragtag critter crew.

    Ever since than, I’ve been hooked. Maybe it was the easy-to-follow storyline or the rollicking, wild-blasting action. I even enjoyed the controversial GameCube outings, the Legend of Zelda-esque Star Fox Adventures and the poorly received Star Fox Assault and found the DS’ Star Fox Command a fun, new take on the franchise.

    In any case, the Wii is practically begging for a brand new Star Fox game. Personally, I don’t mind the romantic subplot and the third-person running and gunning we witnessed in Assault as long as it’s handled well and all in all, I think the Wii has that ability.

    Imagine, aiming being controlled with the Wii Remote as a reticule (like a behind-the-back view of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption), shooting with the B-trigger, running around with the nunchuk and throwing grenades with the nunchuk’s Z-button. Swapping weapons with the d-pad, while the A-button triggers action commands? Awesome.

    And for the more important, in-Arwing half of the game players could have the option of choosing one of several control setups:

    a) Holding the Wiimote pointing forward toward the screen, using tilt to control the Arwing like the Paper Airplane mini game in Wario Ware. B-trigger to lock-on and shoot, A-button to use bombs.

    b) Holding the Wiimote sideways like an old school controller and maybe using tilt to control the slant of the Arwing.

    c) More traditional, classic-controller or GC controller.

    Hey, just throwing some ideas out there! And hey, who knows. Throw some online multiplayer and a lengthy campaign and we could have a winner on our hands. That would quench my thirst for some foxy Wii lovin’… Yeah, I went there.

    What do you guys think? Got a better control scheme? What in your opinion does Wii Need?

    ;By Drerox

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    Why PROJECT NATAL and PlayStation Move will fail 

    So I’ve come across this accessory for the Xbox 360, called PROJECT NATAL.

    Big Fail

    Personally I think this is just microsoft trying to make a comeback at the Wii’s WiiMote, not to mention that Sony is doing the exact same thing by creating the PlayStation Move, a motion device similar to the WiiMote used for the PS3.

    Everyone copies Nintendo

    3 reasons why PROJECT NATAL will fail:

    1. You would look really stupid playing a first person game.
    2. If I want to play a realistic racing game, I’ll buy a driving wheel and play Gran Turismo 5 on my PS3.
    3. Think of it, this thing isn’t going to sell cheap, it’ll probably sell for around $100-$300, and for what? A creepy little boy asking you to help him with his homework?

    Now that we discussed that, lets discuss why the PlayStation Move will fail:

    1. If I’m going to have to spend $100 for a black WiiMote with a ball on the head of it, I’d rather go buy Wii Motion Plus.
    2. During the trailer for PSM, they showed someone playing an archer game. Is it just me or can I do the exact same thing on Wii Sports Resort?
    3. How exactly is this going to work with any racing game? Considering that the controller’s are in no way connected, it would be quite irratating.

    And that is why PJNT, and PSM will fail.

    • Azzerare
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    Game Review: Mirror’s Edge 

    Name: Mirror’s Edge
    Developer: EA Digital Illusions CE
    Publisher: Electronic Arts
    Producer: Owen O’Brien
    Writer: Rhianna Pratchett
    Composer: Magnus Birgersson
    Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
    Release date: PS3 & Xbox 360
    ERBS: T

    Mirror's Edge

    NA November 12, 2008
    AUS November 13, 2008
    EU November 14, 2008
    JP December 11, 2008

    Main Protagonist: Faith Connors

    Okay, so while this game is incredibly fun, and realistic, it can also be extremely repetitive, with a Run Jump Roll sequence in every level. However, the game makes up for it with a great storyline, great game play, and a great control configuration.

    The game takes place in a very creative futuristic like city, the game also allows the player to have complete control of Faith, this meaning there are no “invisible walls”, as there is in many sandbox games.

    The game also featured Parkour as the movement style, which I thought fit the game quite well. I think there’s only 1 thing I didn’t like about this game.


    This game could defiantly handle multi-player. Then again, I guess speed run mode is kind of like a sandbox mode. Oh well. Anyways, I defiantly recommend buying this game.

    It is a very fun game.

    This game scores a 7.5/10.

    • Azzerare
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    Hey guys, new update on the site, Meebo has been connected to the site, so now it’s easier to get a hold of the RCT. Remember to rate and comment. Thanks.

    • Azzerare
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    Site update 

    Looks nice eh? Please leave comments below, and rate. Thanks!


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