Sonic The Hedgehog, how you’ve fallen..

How you've fallen, from awesome, to well, not awesome..

Sonic The Hedgehog, the most lovable Sega character since 1991. He’s gone from challenging 8-bit side-scrollers, to 3D RPG trash that I could beat with my toes. From the original Sonic games, to Sonic and the Black Knight. I think the last Sonic game I remember that wasn’t just nice graphics put together with horrible gameplay was Sonic Adventure 1 & 2. Basically, during this review, I’m going to review 3 Sonic games

Yeah, this is that kind of review.

First up, Sonic Heroes.

Sonic Heroes

While this game is pretty decent in cinematic visuals, the gameplay visuals could’ve been a little better.
Otherwise, there isn’t much to say here.

This game is decent. I personally would’ve liked to play with out having 2 other characters in my way. Even though this game kept some originality to Sonic games, for some reason, it just doesn’t feel right. Personally, I think Sonic could’ve been a little faster.

I’ll give this game some credit for its soundtrack. I thought that this game had some pretty good songs. They had a nice Sonic feel to them. However, the voices for characters such as Amy were extremely annoying.

The story for this game wasn’t exactly what I would call, “good”, considering it was mostly just all the teams chasing after Robotnik (yes, Robotnik. NOT Eggman.) , which wasn’t exactly “exciting”.


This game could’ve been a lot better. I was expecting much more at the time, but ended up being disappointed.

This game gets a 7.3 / 10.

Next up is Sonic Unleashed. Which I’m sure you all tell by the cover, is about Sonic turning into a werewolf.


The graphics for the cinematic videos were actually pretty decent. Considering that even the Wii Version of this game had great graphics; for the Wii. As for the Xbox 360 and the PS3, same as always, awesome.

The game has 2 different gameplay modes. Daytime Levels & Nighttime Levels.
The Daytime levels were how every Sonic game should be. Fast. Smooth. Awesome.
There were almost no flaws in the Daytime Levels, Sonic defiantly wasn’t slow, but wasn’t too fast.

As for the Nighttime Levels, well, they could be much better. Running around pressing the same buttons 10,000 times isn’t exactly what I would call, “fun”. Pretty much all you do is go around hitting robots.

Personally, to me, the soundtrack for this game was amazing. It was probably one of the best Sonic soundtracks made ever. However the nighttime level soundtrack did irritate me a little. 😛

At the beginning of the game, it starts out with Sonic fighting Robotnik, Robotnik pretends to give up, then traps Sonic and using his machine turns him into a werewolf. Robotnik then opens a window and Sonic is forced out. (they’re in space by the way)

You then wake up on Earth, and your greeted by a small, little creature, who seems to of forgot everything, including his name. You then go into town, are looking for anyone who knows the small creature, however everybody says that they’ve never seen him.

And so you go on looking, play a level, after the level, night falls, and Sonic turns into a werewolf, and finds out that he only turns into the werewolf during night. And for some dumb reason he can stretch his arms. Which I find extremely stupid. Sonic isn’t Mr. Fantastic.

While the daytime levels were great, the nighttime levels could’ve been much better. Sonic shouldn’t be able to stretch, nor should he be able use his stretchy arms to grab onto ledges when he should have already fallen.

This game gets a 7.0 / 10

Alright, so for the last game, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

As almost every PS3 and 360 game, it has great graphics, however, graphics have almost nothing to do with the actual game itself.

I can’t describe how awful this game was.. But I’ll at least try..
First, the camera.
This games camera system was by far the worst camera system ever created.

Secondly, The way Sonic moves.
Considering that Sonic was originally meant to be the “Fastest Thing Alive”, he defiantly was not the fastest thing alive. It would take about 10 – 15 seconds in a straight line to get a decent pace.

And thirdly, Sonic can’t stop.
Once you’ve ran for about 30 seconds in a straight line, you get pretty fast, but then, you’ll start freaking out because YOU CAN’T STOP IN THIS GAME. I mean like, it’s almost as bad as Sonic Rush!

Way too fast

This game had a decent soundtrack. Nothing special. Nothing compared to the Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 soundtrack.

I suppose this game had a decent story.. IF IT WAS FOR 3 YEAR OLDS!
Like, Sonic isn’t supposed to be someone who goes around saving princesses, he’s supposed to be the awesome hedgehog who stops Robotnik’s evil plans to destroy the world! Goodness Sega, know your own characters!

Personally, I wish Sega put a little more work into this game, and didn’t pull a Microsoft and put it out too soon. (360 reference)

This game scores a low 3.3 / 10

Alright, so, that’s the end of the review!