Homemade Clam Chowder

Hello my students of food. Most of you have probably had clam chowder in a restaurant, which I have had to. But have you ever made it yourself. Very unlikely. Well let me begin my review of this magnificent dish.

Clam chowder is a rustic dish that’s smooth and creamy yet has a wonderful after taste which may sound weird to many. I thought this dish had a salty, and tangy flavour of the sea from the calm juice which is pretty good for the aroma and taste of the dish. I also like the ham of which added a sort of smoky flavour to this dish. I t also doesn’t overtake any of the other flavours.

The texture of the potatoes was also very good. The potatoes also soaked many of the other flavours of the dish, and spew it out when you chew. The texture of the broth was also very creamy and gave it a smooth texture going down your throat. If you’re wondering what type of cream I used, I used 18% cream (super creamy, don’t drink straight out of the carton, yuck). The texture of the clams was also very smooth, and almost melted in your mouth. There was also a hint of bacon in this dish which also added to the flavour of the dish.

This dish is the perfect comfort food, if you’re into that. It was very nice.

The side dish I had with the clam chowder was some garlic bread. Very nice and crispy , and also very garlicy.

I rate this dish a 8.9 out of 10

  • Sedore01