Game Review: Animal Crossing: City Folk

Game Name: Animal Crossing: City Folk
Developer: Nintendo EAD
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Wii
Release dates:

USA November 16, 2008
CAN November 17, 2008
JP November 20, 2008
AUS December 4, 2008
EU December 5, 2008
SK January 28, 2010

Genre: Life simulation

ESRB: Everyone (E)
PEGI: 3+

Animal Crossing: City Folk

While this game is fun and addicting, this game also can get extremely irritating, especially during the beginning of the game, we’re you pretty much have to run from Tom Nooks, to your house, to some random animal’s house. However, even though this game may seem extremely boring and annoying, for some unknown reason, you’ll play forever. YES. FOREVER.

Alright, so on to the review.

This game has a very unique style for gameplay. It can be as annoying Tetris, and yet you’ll still want to play it for several hours. During the game you’ll perform multiple tasks for different people in your town. Such as delivering various items like Letters, furniture, and tools.

You will need to gain money, or “bells” to pay off your mortgage to Tom Nook, and for other things such as furniture and tools.

Well, this game isn’t really much in visuals, considering it looks the DS one, Wild World, With some new animations.

This game is pretty good for audio, with the Cicada’s exact sound, the theme songs are amazing, and the K.K. Slider songs sound as if its a real song. With random 2 year old mumbling. 🙂

This game doesn’t exactly have a story, since its a simulation game. But I guess I can try, or at least attempt to give you the gist of the story.

Your a new person moving into a new town, meeting new people, and doing new things. There is no goal, except to try and pay off your mortgage. I guess another goal is to try and get every item, catch every bug and fish, and to meet every person.

When I got this game for my gamecube, DS, and Wii, I thought to myself, will this one be as good as the last? The answer, yes.

I was extremely satisfied with this game, sure it took a couple hours out of my life, but was defiantly worth it. I never found any flaws that would effect gameplay, even though this game wasn’t exactly made for hardcore gamers, it still is amazing. As a gamer myself, I usually hate games that are boring, or don’t let you do exactly what you want(invisible walls, a gamer’s worst enemy), I still enjoyed this game very much.

I would defiantly recommend buying this game.
This game scores a 9.5/10(stupid Mr. Resetti..)