Why PROJECT NATAL and PlayStation Move will fail

So I’ve come across this accessory for the Xbox 360, called PROJECT NATAL.

Big Fail

Personally I think this is just microsoft trying to make a comeback at the Wii’s WiiMote, not to mention that Sony is doing the exact same thing by creating the PlayStation Move, a motion device similar to the WiiMote used for the PS3.

Everyone copies Nintendo

3 reasons why PROJECT NATAL will fail:

1. You would look really stupid playing a first person game.
2. If I want to play a realistic racing game, I’ll buy a driving wheel and play Gran Turismo 5 on my PS3.
3. Think of it, this thing isn’t going to sell cheap, it’ll probably sell for around $100-$300, and for what? A creepy little boy asking you to help him with his homework?

Now that we discussed that, lets discuss why the PlayStation Move will fail:

1. If I’m going to have to spend $100 for a black WiiMote with a ball on the head of it, I’d rather go buy Wii Motion Plus.
2. During the trailer for PSM, they showed someone playing an archer game. Is it just me or can I do the exact same thing on Wii Sports Resort?
3. How exactly is this going to work with any racing game? Considering that the controller’s are in no way connected, it would be quite irratating.

And that is why PJNT, and PSM will fail.

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