Frogy Vacation

When I went to Quebec I thought I’d be seeing the ocean, birds, whales, and cool houses. Which I did.

Although the weirdest, and tastiest thing happened to me when me, and my family were returning to Ontario.

We were all hungry, and we were all ready to go into the first restaurant we see which miraculously was a chinese restaurant. It wasn’t a regular takeout restaurant it was a buffet.

You may think oh, he just ate some noodles, sushi, and egg rolls; but you’re wrong I had shrimp, egg rolls of course, and “frog legs”! Yes, “frog legs”! These “frog legs” looked almost like regular chicken legs only thing was that they were juicier, were even more tender, and tasted great.

Here’s a look at what I ate:

Therefore, it was a great tasting vacation that I will never forget, and rate 7.8 out of 10.

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