El Greeko

I have just recently gone down to Toronto, and of course went to Yorkgate Mall. There I was hungry, so I decided to get something to eat in the food court. I decided to go to this greek restaurant called El Greeko (sort of spanish name). There I ordered their special the “Souvlaki Dinner”. Souvlaki is a greek dish with either chicken, pork, or beef cooked on a stick.

The “Souvlaki Dinner” consisted of a potato with a weird sauce on it, a stick with chicken souvlaki, some white rice, and a caesar salad. This dish was poor in its presentation, and lacked in the taste category as well. I mean the food was really bland, and the rice wasn’t even cooked.

This is what a real souvlaki dinner is supposed to look like.

This dinner was really awful, but it kind of satisfied my hunger for a while! This restaurant is not what I call “a good place”, so I would rate this atrocious restaurant a 2.3 out of 10 because of all it’s bad qualities.

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