Game Review: Peggle

Name: Peggle
System: Windows, Mac OS X, iPod, Windows Mobile, Java ME, BREW, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360 (XBLA), PlayStation 3 (PlayStation Network), iPhone/iPod Touch
Developer: PopCap Games / Valve Corporation
Genre: Puzzle
ESRB Rating: E
System Requirements:
OS: Win 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista. Memory: 256 MB RAM. DirectX: 7.0. Processor: Pentium III, 700 MHz or faster. iPod game requires an iPod nano (third generation), an iPod classic, or an iPod (fifth generation)

Mac game requires OS: Mac OS 10.3.9 and later Memory: 256 MB RAM Processor: G4,G5 or Intel Core Duo Internet: Internet connection is required to register both the download and CD-ROM versions of the game.

Gameplay: In this game there are four modes, “ADVENTURE”, “QUICK PLAY”, “DUEL”, and “CHALLENGE”.
The first mode, “ADVENTURE”, focuses on the main game itself, completing all 55 levels. Each level has it’s own unique feel to it. Now, there is “QUICK PLAY”, which let’s you pick any level that you have completed. You can also pick out your favorite character, each character also has they’re own unique feel. They’re are 10 characters.

Name: Bjorn
Special: Super guide
Affect: Shows which way your ball will bounce.

Name: Jimmy Lightning
Special: Multiball
Affect: Spawns a second ball.

Name: Kat Tut
Special: Pyramid
Affect: Attaches an pyramid to the ball bucket.

Name: Splork
Special: Space Blast
Affect: Light’s up all nearby pegs.

Name: Claude
Special: Flippers
Affect: Let’s you hit the ball as if playing pinball.

Name: Renfield
Special: Spooky Ball
Affect: Causes the ball to reappear from the top of the screen after falling out the bottom.

Name: Tula
Special: Flower Power
Affect: Light’s up 20% of remaining orange pegs with flower power.

Name: Warren
Special: Lucky Spin
Affect: Unlike all the other special’s, this one picks out of 4 different special’s, there’s “Triple Score”, “Pyramid”, “Magic Hat”, and “Extra ball”. Magic Hat puts a top hat on top of the ball, making it easier to get extra pegs, Pyramid is Kat Tut’s special, Triple score, well, triple’s your score, and Extra ball, is pretty self explanatory.

Name: Lord Cinderbottom
Special: Fireball
Affect: Turns your current ball into a big ball of fire that can rush through all other pegs.

Name: Master Hu
Special: Zen Ball
Affect: Improves your shot by whatever % is says. i.e. 330% more zen! Improves your shot 330% more.

Now, there are still two more modes that have yet to be reviewed. 😀
“DUEL”. A mode where you can have a versus match against a friend or computer. This mode is also quite useful when practicing in case your trying to beat a curtain level in Adventure mode. Then there is challenge.
This also is quite useful when practicing. Except this mode stands quite a bit more then the rest of the other modes. In this mode, you are challenged to beat a curtain level of a bot, or beating 1 level with 3 balls. It takes a lot of skill. So, you learned almost everything about this game, now go play it. =]

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